5 adventures from Budva, Montenegro

If you happen to find yourself on the coast on the south side of Budva after the Sea Dance Festival–or any other time–and you’ve already enjoyed the beach(es) and are looking for still more fun with adventure, here are 5 more things to do. We recommend all (and others) of our 5 adventures from Budva. Have fun!

1. Kayak to and swim in the Blue Cave.

Blue Cave on the coastline of Montenegro - meanderbug

While you’re there, be sure to jump off the face of the rock for a little extra excitement. A similar adventure could happen to the famous Sveti Stefan island, but we’re partial to the cave experience. Again, contact our good friends at Montenegro+ about these options.

2. Hike or bike the old Austro-Hungarian road starting at the Kosmac Fortress.

Fortress with ocean view - meanderbug

If you need a mountain bike, there are places in town to rent, or for the best quality and support once again you can call our friends at Montenegro+.

3. Explore the Old Town of Budva.

ballerina, budva, montenegro - meanderbug, coast

It’s a great place to see and photograph, grab a bite to eat, and hang out.

4. Visit Kotor and hike the St. John Fortress.

Kotor - St. John's built into side of mountain - Meanderbug

If you can make time, hike all the way to the most important historical spot in Montenegro–Mount Lovcen. The views are amazing.

You can hitchhike, rent a car or scooter, take a bus, taxi, or rent a bike for this trip.

5. Breathe in Perast.

Perast, Montenegro - meanderbug

Enjoy the picturesque architecture and take a boat out to the Our Lady of the Rock church on a man-made island. An ecologically protected coastal town, you are only able to walk or bike into the city if you’re not a resident. BTW– some of the temporary residents here have star-powered names like Tom Cruise.

If you’ve already made it to Kotor, it’s just a bit further down the road. Probably too far for most people to walk but accessible by bike, scooter, or taxi.

Have fun exploring this small adventure-packed little part of beautiful Montenegro.


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