Urban Oasis – Ada Cignalija

Story: What started out as an island has been transformed into a peninsula of sorts and so much more. Ada, as it stands today, is a result of the Sava River being dammed and redirected. As Ada took shape, city planners seized an opportunity to give the city an urban oasis of sorts.

Pathways are prominent on the island. Many visitors bring bikes, rollerblades, and skateboards for fun. Travelers can support the local vendors and rent one (see notes below). The shore line is equipped with chairs and umbrellas for beach dwellers. For those wanting an adrenaline rush, bungee jumping is available. For the little ones and families, there are playgrounds and a miniature golf course (to be fair keep expectations low on the putt putt facilities).

Appealing to all ages, there is an outdoor science area that contains different experiments which adaglobechallenge the mind, build wonder, and create amusement. Sports fields are also available. So, if you play basketball, football (soccer), or some sand volleyball, enjoy it even more on the island. At any rate, there is plenty to keep everyone satisfied.

Vibe: Ada is about recreation and relaxation. While only being minutes from downtown Belgrade, the separation seems much greater.

Recommendations: Use Ada as an escape during the day. It didn’t matter who I met in the city or where they were from, everyone spent a day on Ada before exploring Belgrade’s nightlife. You may want to relax on Sava’s shore, maybe get lucky and catch a water polo match, rent a bike, or bungee jump. Bring some friends if possible. If not, plan to make some new ones.

Notes: The cafes that spread out along the shore are great for drinks, but the food can be pricey and it’s not great. BUT, on the opposite side of the island where the docks are there are a few restaurants that serve up a higher quality of fare at a good price and sometimes have live music.

Word has it, if you drive and park on Ada, you can get free bike rentals. Sadly, I found this out too late.


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