Advent Zagreb

The winter holidays are always a special time. Being in Europe makes the time a bit more eventful with the Christmas Markets taking place across the continent in Europe’s most historical cities. Zagreb is no different, and is quickly becoming a hotspot for holiday season travel. Shopping, artisan goods and foods, and experiences await those who venture through Advent Zagreb and the Croatian capital during the Christmas season.

local goods, Zagreb, Christmas Market

Local foods such as candies and oils can be found throughout the market areas. The products are handcrafted and brought into the city for consumption and sale as souvenirs.


Some artisans remain at work while tending their booths during the Christmas Markets. Enjoy perusing, but also stop for a chat to learn more about the care that is put into constructing the goods.



Jewelry and wooden toys also abound. The handiwork is magnificent and detailed. Kids love seeing the toys that accent the windows of different booths.

Ledeni Park, Zagreb

One of the focal points for the holidays in Zagreb is Ledeni Park (“Ice Park”). Located in the center of the city right outside the main train station, this ice-skating park is set up to enjoy all day. Children, young couples, full families, and even older participants welcomed a chance to enjoy an opportunity to skate.


As for the experiences, walking down Ilica Street, a main thoroughfare, will bring you to different musical extravaganzas throughout the day. This night we happened upon a symphony of sorts that also highlighted a local singer. Zagreb is known for its richness in culture and music. Such festivities provide an even greater reason to plan a visit over Christmas or any time throughout the year.

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