Aegina Island: A Respite from Athens

After a few days of hustling through Athens to see all the historic sites and archeological wonders, we decided to take a day to relax and seek out a little soul refreshment. After a bit of searching, we jumped on the Athens underground and headed toward Pireas in order to catch a ferry to Aegina Island, one of the Saronic Islands located about an hour and a half off the coast in the Mediterranean.aegina, view from the boat, greece - meanderbugThis is the view of Aegina from the ferry, as it docks. There are a multitude of ferries coming into Aegina that one can take daily. They run frequently, and tickets can be purchased next to the dock. It is good to note that some agencies sell passes that they advertise as “deals.” Don’t be fooled. Tickets at the docks go for cheaper, but they also sell out fast, especially the later return ferries from Aegina.whitechurchaeginaAfter getting off the ferry, the traveler is greeted by a little white church, St. Nikolas. Nikolas was the patron saint of sailors, and this quaint little chapelesque feature in the port signaled protection from the Almighty.carriage ride, aegina - meanderbug You can travel around the island in a variety of ways. If you are bit old-fashioned, you might enjoy strolling along with this fellow. Children loved the carriages along with the four person bikes. Both made the experience stand out as family-friendly vacation.side streets of aegina, meanderbugWhen looking for places to eat in Aegina, stay off the main street next to the port. Little places, such as this are found on the side streets, offer up local fare that is certain to please and go easy on the budget. While it doesn’t look like much, I was too busy eating to get a picture of the full courtyard, where customers were satisfying their cravings.aeginaruins, greece- meanderbugAegina offers a view of the past. Once believed to rival Athens in prominence, Aegina was a commercial center for the Mediterranean. Ruins can be found across the island.sailing, aegina, greece - meanderbug umbrellas, port, greece - meanderbug dancingintheseaWhile we played in the water with a little one, we saw others taking the moment for a little romance by dancing in the cream, aegina, greece - meanderbug aeginaatduskAs we boarded the ferry, we paused for one last view of the island. This was one of the best days of refreshment that I have had in a long time. Enjoyable. Family-friendly. Relaxing.aegina, sunset, greece - meanderbugGreek sunsets are amazing! They need to be enjoyed and experienced in person. We plan on taking in a few more in the future. Being that we left some of Aegina unexplored, we may do so while going out to the island again.

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