Aman Sveti Stefan Defines Luxury in the Mediterranean

A fortified 15th century fishing village along the southern coastline of Montenegro, Sveti Stefan Island defines luxury in the Mediterranean. This Aman Resorts property in the Adriatic attracts the wealthiest and most famous clientele in the world because of its elegance and exclusivity.

Sveti Stefan Island in Montenegro - meanderbug

The luxurious Sveti Stefan Resort consists of both the island and Villa Miločer as well as the adjacent and exclusive King’s and Queen’s beaches. The island has 50 guest rooms and multiple dining options. Above is the view of the island from King’s Beach.

Inside Sveti Stefan at dusk - meanderbug

On the island there are wide cobbled paths that lead up and down the hills to the various buildings on the property. Protected by UNESCO, the structures and walkways retain their coastal fortress feel from the centuries prior. This makes for a quaint, charming effect any time of day.

Old and new contrasts in style on Sveti Stefan Island - meanderbug

The old design and ancient stones of Sveti Stefan contrast beautifully with spots of color and modern touches along the way.


Sometimes these contrasts come with the cultivated nature that is on the grounds and even climbing the walls like this ivy.

Pool with a view on Sveti Stefan Island - meanderbug

Views from the island are beautiful even on an overcast day. The main pool offers both indoor and outdoor swimming with a view of the coastal city of Budva and the open sea.

Smaller pool on Sveti Stefan - meanderbug

The small pool provides more private relaxation with a view of the open waters of the Adriatic.


The signature Aman Restaurant provides a place to enjoy local and international fare with family and friends indoors while maintaining a gorgeous view.

Outdoor dining with a view on Sveti Stefan - meanderbug


Fitting with the Mediterranean culture, outdoor dining offers exquisite views and a casual setting for conversation and renewal while once again evoking the luxury and escape that is uniquely possible on the island.

Anti pasta over the water on Sveti Stefan - meanderbug

The finest of anti pasta offerings which are uniquely Montenegrin showcase local ingredients. These combined with a drink overlooking the water are perfect for unwinding and enjoying a spot of soul refreshment.



There are several Christian Orthodox churches on the island. Sveti Stefan Church lends its name to the island. This is the church where Novak Djokovic was recently married.


Sveti Stefan retains the feel of a historic look back in time like Dubrovnik or Kotor without all the people. It is this element of exclusive escape along with the amazing attention to detail and a sense of family atmosphere that make this a cream of the crop destination for elite luxury travel in the Balkan peninsula as well as the whole of the Adriatic.

Villa Miločer and the Queen's Beach - meanderbug

Built in the 1930’s, Sveti Stefan and Villa Miločer was the domain of Serbian royalty, King and Queen Karađorđević. Today the villa maintains most of its original structure and features.

Villa Miločer, part of Aman Sveti Stefan

Looking out the windows toward the ocean, you can seemingly almost touch Sveti Stefan Island.

Sveti Stefan through the window of Villa Miločer

This game room provides a place to relax for kids of all ages. Many have enjoyed this space including tenor Jose Carreras who waited here to perform a surprise concert for some other guests a couple years ago.

Villa Miločer study - meanderbug

The pool is an indoor / outdoor work of art that contrasts with the light colored structure and reflects the nature visible all around.

Skyline reflections in the swimming pool at Villa Miločer - meanderbug

The beach offerings include the King’s Beach. It was used by King Petar II Karađorđević in the 1930’s. Today it is available to resort guests during the season and made available to the public that know how to find access during the off-season.

King's Beach near Sveti Stefan - meanderbug

The Queen’s Beach was the domain of Queen Karađorđević, formally Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark. Today this small, exclusive beach is only available to guests of the resort.

Queens Beach in Montenegro near Villa Miločer - meanderbug

The exercise room looks out on the Adriatic. Though there are personal screens on each exercise machine, they don’t seem necessary because of the view with much more splendid programming on the other side of the windows.

Exercise room at Villa Miločer - meanderbug

After a few hours on the beach or a workout in the gym, it may be time for a massage. These are available to the guests as well as outside visitors to the spa. Outside guests need to book their time a day in advance to make sure of availability. For any of you budget spa goers that want a first class experience, you can try a world class spa here for only 45 euros for the day. This will give you access to the pool, time in the steam room, exercise room, and possible access to the King’s Beach. Having a manicure or pedicure, hairstyle or massage can all be added in as possibilities.

Massage at Villa Miločer - meanderbug

Sometime during your day at the spa, be sure to make time for an herbal tea on the veranda looking out over the lawn and the sea. It is inspiring.

Tea time with a view at Villa Miločer - meanderbug

Dining at Villa Miločer is available year round first for guests and second for outside visitors. Once again, schedule in advance to enjoy the outside dining that includes international and local fare while looking out on the island.

Dining at Villa Miločer w/ Sveti Stefan in view - meanderbug

After a day of luxury in the spa and on the exclusive beaches, you’ll find the comfy suites of the Aman Resort. Each includes all the essentials for a 5-star stay as well as a fireplace under the TV to give an extra romantic touch.

Suite at Villa Miločer - meanderbug

So while all of this is available for guests of the property, much of it is also open to others that would visit the spa or restaurant. Call in advance to book your day of luxury on this amazing property. Or for those that just wondered what is it like on the island, now you know. You can hike down and take a picture of the island and then make your way back to one of the comfy farm stay properties in our network.

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