What to do in Belgrade before, after, or during Exit Festival

So your headed to Exit Fest but want to spend a few days around Belgrade exploring the local scene. It’s an excellent city to explore on one’s own. However, if limited in time, please allow for some direction. Below is a list if places that we have been and find interesting so much so that we’ll recommend them to others. The second list contains some items that our friends in the area tell us are worth checking out. As the locals say, “Prijatno!” Or “Enjoy!”

1. Kalemegdan and Knez Mihailova


Kalemegdan Fortress is a must for anyone seeing Belgrade especially or the first time. It stands as a bulwark of the city for centuries. Consistently a place of war, it now plays host to tourist looking to learn a bit more of Belgrade and greater Serbian history.

Knez Mihailova leads into the entrance of the fortress. The street was a dividing line for the city during different times. Now, restaurants, shops, and cafes line the street along with vendors selling their art and other goods.

2. Coffee at Przionica


Our coffee spot in Belgrade is Przionica. The name is Serbian for “Roaster”, and it was the first of its kind in Belgrade. Check out their story and impact which only adds to the culture of the city.

3. Skadarlija

Bohemian quarter in Belgrade at holiday time. This is Skadarlija Street.

The Bohemian street of Belgrade remains filled with visitors daily. Good restaurants and trendy cafes await the traveller offering good context for conversations with new and old friends.

4. Ada Ciganlija


Ada is a manmade island resting on the Sava River. Locals flock here during the summer, but despite the numbers, the island rarely feels overcrowded. Great spot for a picnic during the day, to share a drink, or just relax next to the river.

5. Graffiti and Street Art

Street art

6. Chimney Cakes

Chimney Cake

Part of a borrowed culture from Hungary, these sweet delights will not disappoint and only enhance your trip through Belgrade.

7. Question mark restaurant

We have not done a write up of this restaurant yet, and have only visited once. The actual name is not Question Mark, but it comes from not having a name throughout its existence. Started by the priests for the weary traveller, The “Question Mark” continues to serve those who come across its path.

*Things to mention but still on the meanderbug “to do list.” Check these other options out as well. All will help to understand the city a little more.

1. Kayak tour of the Sava and Danube

2. NATO bombing tour

3. Underground Belgrade tour

We hope you enjoy Exit and the plethora of music talent. Enjoy Novi Sad, and meander Belgrade. If you have any suggestions along the way, let us know.

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