Biking Adventure Legacy in Ohrid

Story: A bike enthusiast, the grandfather rallied several friends to go riding with him around Ohrid regularly. This love for biking was passed to the grandson. Like his grandfather, Aleksandar rode a lot and recruited others to go with him. Today, he is still riding and encouraging others to pedal. His son, Jovan, is now part of the family biking legacy becoming one of the top mountain bike and road racers in the Balkans. Continuing to make biking accessible to others, Aleksandar and Jovan work with others to mark new trails around Ohrid and southwestern Macedonia.

Vibe: Aleksandar is one of the nicest, most gracious people you will meet. As for the trails, they provide amazing views of Lake Ohrid; undisturbed nature; and a flashback in time as you see an older way of life on some of the small homesteads you will encounter.

Recommendations: There are a range of length and degree of difficulty on the trails in Ohrid. They have been blazed along the lake, in dense forests, through grain-filled valleys, and around mountain climes. You can rent bikes and explore it on your own or participate in a group excursion. There are 1-day outings, as well as 7-, 10-, and 14-day excursions.

Notes: Several members of the Slovene national team train in the Ohrid region because of the quality and difficulty of some of the trails and climbs in elevation. That says a lot about the quality of biking in this corner of the world.

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