Restaurant Blanche: Thanks for a Table with a View

Asking for the best view has to be a common occurrence for coastal restaurants in Montenegro. The sea goes right to the mountains with very little transition and setting the context for the perfect sunsets. Such is the story of Blanche located in the transformed fishing village of Przno. The town itself appears to be nothing special from the outside. Situated between luxurious Sveti Stefan and well known Budva, Przno gets overlooked quite easily. However, this quiet haven has much to offer including this gem of a restaurant.


We arrived only knowing that the view was to be amazing. It is. Our host and manager, Vladan had us seated right on the rail overlooking the bay. Although it was midday, a picturesque sunset awaited those who would come hours later. The hills that rested opposite the bay from the restaurant assured this.

The quality of cuisine matched the view, and pushed my appreciation for Blanche over the edge. Style is what one would expect: Seafood. Fresh prawns and sea bass came highly recommended and tested. Apart from the seafood, a variety of cuts of steaks and pasta choices are available. While the menu has a wide variety, one should talk things over with the waiter and be guided. The staff is trained in Russian and English which helps the range of travelers stopping in this tiny village.

Vibe: Relaxed but classy. It is a place to feel comfortable coming off the beach for a break and drink, but at night the attire should change. Despite this, the stiffness that ma usually accompany such a place does not exist. The staff is warm and gracious much like their manager.

Recommendations: I was pleased to try a cut of turkey covered in a brown gravy accompanied by fresh prawns. My wife was overjoyed with her fresh sea bass paired with a potato mash and fresh greens excellently prepared. Our friend tested one of the pastas and left satisfied. The variety of plates demonstrated the skill of the chef.

Desserts were impressive. Fresh berry cheesecake and a fruit parfait contrasted one another, but neither were disappointing.

Notes: If you can a meal around sunset then do it.

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