Bled Castle: A Storybook Wedding

The snow capped peaks and enchanting nature of Bled, Slovenia provide the perfect backdrop for a tale found in the dreams of girls and women alike. As the oldest castle in Slovenia, Blejski Grad (Bled Castle) dates back to at least 1004. A wedding in Bled Castle is your fairytale that begins happily ever after. It is the peak of the dream, the crescendo of the fairy tale. Beauty, serenity and majesty come together in this hidden, alpine town of Europe creating the perfect moment for two in love to say, “I do.”

The castle continues to be a center of life in Bled. The locals take pride in it, as well as Slovenes as a whole. Nestled on top of a steep cliff since the Middle Ages, Blejski Grad plays host to displays of cultural life in the summer. You can see archery tournaments, knights venturing throughout the courtyard and weddings set in traditional dress.BledCastleBled Castle overlooks Slovenia’s most famous lake, Lake Bled, also named after the town. Those wishing to put on a royal affair may choose to do so in the setting of medieval walls while overlooking the lake with Bled Island and church in the background. The place is inviting, especially for the imagination. Even though it’s filled in, the moat still stands out, and it’s easy to envision yourself walking over the drawbridge into Blejski Grad as it was once known. bled castle, courtyard, blejski grad
wedding from Bled Castle

Other Bled Fairytale Locales
The proper selection is truly dependent on the bride and groom and how they wish to express their love through such a personal ceremony. If wishing to celebrate the special day in a bit more intimate setting, and possibly even a more traditional one inside a church, Bled Island provides a perfect location. A romantic boat ride out to the island provides a chance to breathe in the fresh, mountain air before exhaling the words of commitment toward a life of enjoyment together.stepping on to the boatSamo Rovan za Hotele Bled _ 10As a symbol of commitment and longevity, the groom is to carry his bride up the 99 steps to the Church of the Assumption on Bled Island. The church and bell tower could be the storybook back drop or the entry way preceding an ornate ceremony and exchange of vows.bled castle, sunsetWhether inside the church, outside on the island or in the castle, a destination wedding in Bled is sure to be memorable and the perfect beginning to a fairytale day and experience.

What does your fairytale wedding look like?

Some photos were provided by Primavera and the Slovenian Tourism Board and used with their permission.

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