Blue Cup Coffee Roaster: Thessaloniki Coffee in Third Wave Style

story: A recent trip to Greece left me hopeful of finding and exploring some new coffee roasters. While investigating Thessaloniki coffee, I was successful.

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Just off the water in Thessaloniki resides a relatively new coffee roaster, The Blue Cup Coffee. Opened just over a year ago, The Blue coffee, latteart, thessaloniki, greece - meanderbugCup: Coffee Roaster and Cocktail Bar has made a name for itself within the Thessaloniki coffee culture and has been building a following since it opened. They entertain those who appreciate third wave coffee as well as those seeking the after work drink. On the love of coffee side, there is a sharing culture among the owners and baristas. They offer classes on coffee from roasting to latte art. Beyond this, The Blue Cup Coffee is becoming a mainstay for Thessaloniki nightlife for live music.


Upon finding the place, I immediately loved the outdoor seating that casually decorated the patio. It felt like the perfect place to enjoy a cold brew on this sun-soaked afternoon. I took a seat at the bar and began ordering. When I told the barista about what I was doing, he promised something special (see image to the right). He then served up a couple espressos allowing me to sample the house blend along with a couple of single origins. My favorite was the Costa Rican Lourdes which I eventually bought. Any trip through Thessaloniki will include a stop at The Blue Cup Coffee.

vibe: Modern. Trendy. Energetic. None of these three words should be seen as negative. The shop was designed to facilitate two groups of people in my mind: the casual coffee-goer, and those looking for a place to share an afternoon drink with friends, business partners, or a significant other.

Upon entering, the eyes take a moment to adjust from the brightness of the sun to the darker interior. The engineered lighting plays off of the metallic machines. It sets a pretty cool ambiance that I have not experienced in many other places.

recommendations: Go at different times of the day to see what fits the best. My hunch is that you will experience different types of crowds, baristas (which means slightly different takes on the same drink), and overall feel of the shop. Don’t forget to grab a bag to go.

notes: It seems they have a “coffee school” of sorts. If you’re really interested in coffee culture, and third wave culture, then this should be intriguing. For me, it is a bit reminiscent of some of my favorite coffee houses in Portland.

location: Σαλαμίνος 8 & Λυκούργου 3 54627 Thessaloníki (I understand this is Greek, but if you show it to any local, they will direct you. The people of Thessaloniki are extremely gracious and friendly.)

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