bohemian quarter – skadarlija street

Street art in Skadarlija's Bohmian quarter

Story: Throughout the years, the Skadarlija area is reputed to have been the place for artists and writers to gather. There is a bit of a revival of the past coming back to this Bohemian quarter. The cobblestone street remains though asphalt streets are all around it. The buildings maintain their storied-facades though others have been updated or new buildings have been built. This is a place for slow walks, food and drink and time around a table.

Vibe: This is the less commercialized version of Knez Mihailova. Though both need to be experienced, this is a place that you are likely to want to visit on a regular basis if you stay in the city long enough.

Recommendation: Go during the day for coffee and lunch or plan to spend a bit more time enjoying friends around the table. There are a number of restaurants here that serve national food. Most of these are reputed to have good food even though the “hospitality” staff on the street may be a bit aggressive inviting you in.

Notes: During the major holidays, this area slows down a bit. We owe it to ourselves and you to make it back here the next time we are in Belgrade to get a fuller sense. However, based on ambience, multiple reports, and what we experienced, this is a place you will want to check out.

Place: In the heart of the city, Skadarlija is also known as Skadarska Street.



  1. The Two Deer restaurant is Skadarlija’s and Belgrade landmark since 1832.

    1. I will definitely add Two Deer to my list the next time I’m in Belgrade! B-)

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