Buregdžinica Sac Filled with Family Traditions

Story: Our nameless, providentially provided tour guide in Sarajevo took my family with his wife to another local hangout in the old town. Not only does Buregdžinica Sac serve the best burek in town, but they have been doing it for more than 200 years. This little family business has served a lot of burek and seen a lot of history! Oh yeah, and it was more than just the best burek in town. It’s the best I’ve had anywhere.

At Buregdžinica Sac with the "fire master" baking burek.Vibe: If you like hole-in-the-wall establishments, this one is for you. A local tradition, it is tiny and a little off the beaten path. On a cold night, the atmosphere was warm in every sense. We were graciously received by both the lady who prepared and served the burek and the guy who was the “fire master.” (While that’s not an official name, it should be.) He has one hot job.

Recommendations: The potato burek was the favorite for my wife and kids. The spinach was also good. But the meat burek was what really stood out from the other places I have had burek. It was filled with meat. Yes. Filled. With. Meat. So, the recommendation is this: get a heaping helping plate full of burek to put on your table. Have everyone gather around and enjoy all the flavors and a good conversation. It is culturally common (and good) to drink yoghurt with your burek. Even if it seems odd to you, try it. It’s good.

Notes: We ate a lot of burek. But we had been served more than we could eat. Because burek can be a breakfast, lunch, and dinner food it wasn’t a problem. We had the leftovers for breakfast. Reheated in the oven, it was still good.

Place: Buregdžinica Sac is on Ulica Bravadžiluk Mali (the old market for blacksmiths). This little street dates back to the 16th century.

Burek in old town Sarajevo


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