Caffe Pizzeria Piano Fires Up Delicious Pizza in Ulcinj

There is pizza and then there is pizza. In the middle of the frenetic activity that is the Montenegrin coastal city of Ulcinj, the Caffe Pizzeria Piano is worth a visit. It has one of the only wood-fired brick ovens in town. That crisped crust that still has just the right amount of chewy…yes to that. The care and attention by the kitchen crew making quality food–especially pizza–was matched by the friendliness of the owner and all the staff. Local sourced goodness means fresh meats, olives, and more. Local hospitality means gracious, unobtrusive service that is far over and above the normal pizzeria experience.

Vibe: Casual. Friendly. Open-air dining on a large terrace or tables are available indoors also.

Recommendations: Wood-fired oven equals must order pizza. I’m sure the other stuff is good, but… Must. Order. Pizza. All of the possibilities were good, but the olive was one of my favorites. This is a bit odd as I don’t like olives. Something about freshness and the quirkiness of having the pits inside just added to the local source ambience. The olives from the ancient trees in Ulcinj are mild.

Wood-fired pizza - meanderbug

In addition to the pizza, try the espresso–either regular or white. They are using Segafredo beans. Smooth Italian roast. Nice.

While you are in the Caffe Pizzeria Piano, you might want to say hi to the owner Hasanagić Senad as well as the man baking the pizzas Jesus and my friend Ali. Super nice guys. Jesus and Ali have both spent time in the states and have great levels of English.

Notes: As for those olive trees, that’s a future post. There is a gorgeous spot on this planet in the Ulcinj area where the trees are backdrops for a picturesque drive or bicycle tour.

Ali and Senad - meanderbug



  1. Wow, that’s pizza. It looks so yummy.

  2. Dr. Doom

    I can second the authors opinion. Actually I’m in there right now. I got a pizza salame while having a beer and it was very delicious. Also thanks to author. I tried the restaurant because of your article. 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed your pizza experience Dr. Doom. (quite the moniker by the way)

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