Klobasarna: Carniolan Sausage

Story: One of the reasons we came to Slovenia was the food. We have a Slovene neighbor who constantly raves about it. When looking for some traditional fare, the name Klobasarna jumped out to me. Later I learned that klobasarna is a specialty Slovene sausage. The name for it is carniolan sausage. So, after our night at the puppet show, we decided to take the short stroll down the street to find this little Ljubljana restaurant.

On a large but relatively dark street, the light from this little shop glowed. The shop is small and scaled down. There’s one or two tables and a bar that wraps around in front of the window. Apparently, it was opened by a family-trained watchmaker. His former industry slowed to a point that he had to do something different. Why not open a restaurant?

He began specializing in preparing Carniolian sausage (a well kept secret itself). There are only 11 producers of the sausage which takes an accreditation process to gain the official recipe to make. I was assured during our visit that they only buy from the best supplier. While the sausage is a traditional favorite, Klobasarna has only been around for 6 months. I would absolutely recommend that any trek around Ljubljana include a stop in to taste this local tradition.

Vibe: The place is really small and is more of a takeout or quick eats spot. Everything is simple. Menu and decor make the choices simple.

Recommendations: If you specialize in carniolan sausage, you don’t need other options. The choice you have is whether you want it in a stew or regular with bread. I preferred the stew since it also had beans and cabbage. This was a little heartier for me on a cold night.

Notes: This Slovene sausage includes pork, the normal spices including lots of garlic and white wine. Costs are between 3-5 Euros which is definitely worth the experience.

There seems to be a cult following for this traditional fare, or where there are Slovenes there will eventually be Slovene specialties. In Cleveland, Ohio you can find variations of this Slovene sausage. Also, for a little more on this sausage tradition, check out Klobasarna.

The picture of the place is not that good, and by that I mean it’s bad. Don’t judge me. 🙂

Location: Ciril – Metodov trg 15, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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