Cavtat: Tiny Beautiful Solace

About 15 kilometers south of Dubrovnik on the coast of Croatia rests the little town of Cavtat. A tourist town for certain, it is nestled on the south side of a small peninsula which creates a bit of cove. In comparison to the much larger Dubrovnik, Cavtat seems insignificant, but this would be a poor assumption.cavtat- marina- croatia - meanderbug
Get your bearings
The town of Cavtat is only 3 kilometers downhill at the end of a windy road. In fact the road takes you straight to the marina and public parking which is inexpensive given the locale.  It also provides an excellent place to sit and watch the sailboats come in and out – a 3 year old’s favorite activity. Everything about Cavtat whispers refreshment.Cavtat - Cathedral - Croatia - Meanderbug
Old Town is an excellent place to walk and admire the beauty of this little Croatian pearl. In the harbor, Our Lady of the Snow Church provides a tranquil place for reflection. This Franciscan Monastery was built in the 16th Century and was formerly connected to a convent. The two have separated, and the convent has been transformed into a guest house. A place of peace and rest. The monastery is now a church which still holds mass for locals and travelers alike. It is one of seventeen churches located in this tiny area.submarine tour - cavtat- meanderbugWhile Cavtat is a restful place to be, it provides entertainment for everyone. Being in a harbor daily boat excursions abound including this submarine tour. Along with island tours, boats provide an easy and excellent way to access the much busier Dubrovnik without the hassle and cost of parking. Enjoy all the benefits of Dubrovnik and retreat to Cavtat for rest.adventure - caveat - meanderbugSea kayaking provides a sense of adventure in Cavtat as well. While there, I noticed a few companies providing tours that involved a bit more adventure. There are companies who operate unofficially.hills - cavtat- meanderbugEven looking out from the hills surrounding Cavtat provides an excellent view of the harbor. There are plenty of private rentals that give easy access to the town, but allow for a better panoramic of the area.

While it usually plays second to the much larger and better known Dubrovnik, Cavtat deserves it’s own status as a pearl along the Croatian coast. Beauty. Rest. Adventure. All await the traveler upon arrival.

sunset - cavtat- croatia - meanderbug


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