Corfu: Experience Greek Island Life

Off the Northern Coast of Greece sits the island of Corfu. It is not merely a place to be excited about visiting, but one should be passionate about experiencing the island life of Corfu. Like many other locations throughout the country, Corfu exhibits the epitome of vibrant, Greek life.

Known in Greece as Kerkyra, Corfu was first mentioned around 1300 BC, but more is known about it as early as 750BC. THroughout its history, Corfu has been an important location for its fertile soil and positioning on the Adriatic. Its strategic and economic values brought a turbulent history as nations competed to control the island. Most notably, Corfu was seen as a bulwark for Europe to withstand being overrun by Ottoman occupiers.CorfuFortressThe old town and capital of Corfu is surrounded by fortifications and castles. Greece has given it the title of a “castled city”. The castles tell of the island’s history, but more so add to the aesthetic appeal while one explores.

Moving away from the historic old town toward the city center, Corfu welcomes it visitors with beautifully laid out avenues filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. The famed Liston Promenade immediately greets the traveler. Take a stroll down the promenade to visit some of our favorite Corfu coffeeshops. Moving further into the center, old town area brings more options for dining and shopping as well as the possibility of a pedicure given by fish.

The island of Corfu is made up of mountains, hills and lowlands with the topography more pronounced as one moves from South to North. The drastic change in scenery offers beautiful views and a piece of adventure while exploring the island. The beaches and hiking trails (2200 kilometers around the island) offer daily respite from busyness leaving the evenings for exploring the city. Be aware that between 2PM and 4PM, there is a “siesta” time and shops close for a time of rest.GreekPeppers Dining on Corfu opens a door to Greek life. Most restaurants are “meze” style, a welcoming, friendly, and sometimes eventful way of dining with family and friends. “Meze” refers to a style that promotes sharing, community, and experience. This is the Greek way to eat and it is represented in the restaurants across the island.

Corfu did not disappoint in delivery, and has a variety of opportunities for different types of travelers. Explore the island and take in Greek life.


  1. The island of Corfu seems an interesting place to visit! The food is not to be missed, too. 🙂

    1. Agreed! I can’t wait to visit again 🙂

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