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The summer of 2014, Artist Danilo Baletić introduced “Transformers Guarding Podgorica” exhibition as part of the “Podgoričko summer of 2014.” He made 7 Transformers out of scrap-metal, which are composed mainly of car waste. The problem of pollution, degradation, loss of possibility and loss of hope has been felt in Montenegro. His robots are his expression and reminder to us to move toward the future of preservation of the environment.megatronIn less than a year, these Transformers are a hit with locals and foreigners alike. My kids insist on us driving and walking by to say “Zdravo! Hi!” to them. Danilo sees his Transformers as a tool in sending a message that looks to educate a future generation regarding the environment and how to care for it. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Transformers Artist Danilo Baletić announced, “Autobots are here in a mission to prevent evil Decepticons – and the people who support them – from destroying our planet and its exhausted resources.”

TransformerThe 22-year-old creator of these amazing pieces of recycled metal, Danilo Baletić says that the idea behind this project was to catch people’s attention and send a message that waste can be used for the good of our planet. Over a cup of coffee one night with our Co-founder Matt, Danilo unpacked his story told by his creations.

“While walking through a junkyard, I just saw all this scrap metal and trash. It appeared more like zlato (gold). Like treasure for a pirate.” He began collecting this treasure and putting them together with a message in mind: Podgorica, Montenegro and the planet as a whole need saving – needs transforming!bumblebee

Danilo Baletić pushes the transformation thought even deeper for his desire to see a transformation of the society to take place. One that takes responsibility for not only the environment, but also takes care of one another. His desire yearns for a transformation of the whole people, which the environment is only one part. For Danilo, this is only a start in the struggle to reclaim territory lost to a lack of possibility. You have to see this magnificent artwork with your own eyes. Bring the family to Podgorica, Montenegro, to enjoy each personality of Transformers around the capital. Support the arts! Danilo finds the greatest satisfaction from his hard work, as he watches children smile when standing next to one of his creations.

“If I can make one child smile even for a day, I have begun to succeed.”

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  1. More than meets the eye! 😉

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