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albania - meanderbug

In the middle of the Balkans, Albania is its own place. It is a country of contrasts between ultra modern and retro everything. From the castles to high-tech structures to the modes of transportation, market, etc. you can see two worlds living together. There are unique opportunities here to experience another culture, explore some of the tallest mountains in the Balkans, and see the sites on a budget. Explore Albania.bosnia - meanderbug Bosnia and Herzegovina
The terrain of Bosnia and Herzegovina is as complex as its politics. There are three governments that are charged with running one country. In Ivo Andric’s (nobel prize winner) novel about Bosnia, The Bridge on the Drina, his character, the shopkeeper, describes the land being formed by a jealous devil who gouged the beautiful land that God created with his fingernails. This is how the ravines and gorges were formed. Along with the stories of war and restoration told within the cities of Bosnia, one needs to experience the mountains, ravines and rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina.

bulgaria - meanderbugBulgaria

Bulgaria rivals any location with diversity for travel. The historical and cultural centers of Sofia and Plovdiv bring enrichment, the plains of Northern Bulgaria offer adventure, and imagine resting along the shores of the Black Sea. Spend a week or two exploring the variety of Bulgarian tourism.
Explore Bulgaria.croatia - meanderbug Croatia
As the newest EU member state, Croatia has been making news for a variety of reasons recently. The most notable is definitely it’s travel allure. The coast has been a destination of choice for decades, but Croatia offers more still. A growing artisan community including film festivals, rugged outdoor adventures, and a restful coastline accented with islands are only a few reasons to make plans to experience this Balkan country. Explore Croatia.

greece - meanderbug Greece
While the major current conversation around Greece generally deals with “economy” and “crisis,” don’t be deterred from traveling here. The economic crisis has been more of a help for travelers rather than a reason to stay away as things have become more affordable for the outsider. Greece offers the birthplace of western history as well as rugged mountains, tranquil beaches, and too many isles to count. Explore Greece.

montenegro Montenegro
This picture-perfect setting is one of the newest and smallest countries in the world. A hidden gem among the Balkan countries, Montenegro is one of the most diverse nations. It is mountains and coastline packed into a 3 hour, cross-country drive. Montenegro is a prime locale for adventure tourism, soul refreshment and everything in between. Explore Montenegro.

macedonia - meanderbug Macedonia
Though their history is disputed with the Greeks, the land that is commonly referred to today as Macedonia is part of the “cradle of civilization.” What’s not in dispute is that this is a beautiful pastoral land dotted with mountains that beckons travelers. There are numerous, unique opportunities for the outdoor adventurer, the budget traveler and the history enthusiast. All of these opportunities are reasons why Macedonia is listed by Lonely Planet as a top travel spot for 2014. Explore Macedonia.

serbia - meanderbug Serbia
Once the government center of Yugoslavia and a focal point of contentious activities, Serbia has since been transforming into a regional business hub and travel locale for Westerners. The country offers up extreme sports, beautiful nature, historical significance and cultural diversity (including a Belgrade nightlife) that is sure to challenge your expectations. Explore Serbia.

slovenia - meandrbug Slovenia
As one of the fastest growing tourism spots in the world, Slovenia has quickly gained a favorable reputation. Understanding that their greatest exports are memories, the country has done its best to provide the best experience possible. Here adventure abounds closely followed by culture, history and artisan foods. Explore Slovenia.