Dojmi Adds Modern Taste to Old Town Kotor

We arrived in Kotor after a day of hiking, so we were looking for a place that would satisfy our appetites. Based both on some prior experience here and the ideal location, we collapsed in the open air seating at the Dojmi.  The outdoor cafe was more than inviting due to its casual seating arrangement & close proximity to Bay of Kotor & Old Town.  The menu was diverse ranging from gourmet pasta to hearty steak and potato dishes.  To top off this variety of main dish selections, the array of dessert choices encourages patrons to save room for the sweet stuff.  Due to the diversity of the surrounding environment this restaurant would be a great option for anybody.  Whether you are taking a break from a cruise ship, hiking through the Balkans and staying at a hostel, or driving through the country, Dojmi is a quality spot to stop for a drink, a snack, or a meal.

Vibe: Although it cultivates a contemporary atmosphere as a restaurant, the Dojmi sits within a stone’s throw of a 6th century fort known as “Old Town.”  We sat outside in the courtyard area to enjoy our dinner with a nice breeze coming in from the nearby Boka Bay. With the bay and a few yachts for decor on one side and Sveti Ivan’s Fortress towering above on the other, it is hard to beat the setting of this cafe nestled in a UNESCO world heritage treasure.

Recommendations: I ordered the beefsteak with grilled vegetables which came with au gratin potatoes and my choice of sauce.  I opted for the four kinds of pepper (with mushrooms, gorgonzola, & cranberry being the other sauce options). Definite yes to this dish.  The pepper sauce was a perfect compliment to the tenderness of the steak. Even the potatoes and vegetables stood out as integral pieces to an unforgettable meal.  Other dishes here that are really good include the pastas. Go off-menu and order the Montenegrin pasta if you like more than a hint of bacon with your pasta. Another national food to try if you are only in town for a port of call is the salty crepes or slani palačinki. These are crepes stuffed with ham and cheese or other items and then lightly fried. They are heavy, but good.

If you show up here and you’re not hungry, do dessert. Dojmi excels at the local cake called krempita. Their chocolate souffle is also worthwhile.

Finally on the recommendations, don’t go here just to eat. Go to enjoy the surroundings and the people you are with. Slow down and enjoy time here.

Notes: There is a good range here with food items generally in the 8 to 15 euro area. Also, the service was exceptional.

Beefsteak at Kotor City Cafe - meanderbug


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