Romantic Tale of Dojran Lake

According to an old tale, there was a special spring well from which people filled their jugs with its water. After taking some water, they closed the well with nine locks. One day, the most beautiful young Macedonian girl named Dojrana came for water. After she filled water, Dojrana heard that her beloved had come back from the army, and she ran to meet him, forgetting to close the ninth padlock. Water from the well began to flow through the whole valley. That is how the formation of the lake began and was named after Dojrana. Dojran Lake was, as the tale says, the result of her careless euphoria.DojranHutWhat are distinguishable about the Dojran lakeside are the fishing boats and the fishermen’s huts standing on stilts above the surface of the water. The method of fishing here is original and very old, performed with the help of the mosquitos, gulls and other birds that fly above the lake, directing the fish into the baskets where they are gathered in enormous quantities. The best known types of fish are red-finned carp, trout, perch, eel and clawfish.DojranSunsetDue to the Mediterranean climate of southern Macedonia and the proximity of the balmy Aegean not far to the south, in the Dojran area vegetation starts blooming in early spring and continues to do so until late autumn. Locals believe that the large quantity of blue-green algae that grow in the lake and the large number of plankton on its surface make Dojran Lake’s waters very helpful for treating rheumatism, skin diseases and respiratory diseases. It is also the warmest lake in the Republic of Macedonia with temperatures reaching up to 27C.

Continue Your Own Romantic Tale
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