Dukley Beach Lounge Romances Day and Night

Nested in the heart of Montenegro’s Budva Riviera, Dukley Beach Lounge is the perfect romantic getaway on the Adriatic Coast. Designed by Djordje Gec, the Belgrade-based architect behind the region’s posh dining and nightlife venues, the modern look of Dukley’s indoor-outdoor, waterfront restaurant is complimented by an unique, seasonal menu of local and continental cuisine.Dukley Beach LoungeDuring the day, the mood is relaxing and an intimate setting for a casual brunch, where you can sip your coffee or tea and enjoy a delicious cheese and meat tray while admiring the view of Old Town Budva. I enjoyed this custom cheese plate with the colorful pesto cheese and roasted red pepper cheese that complemented the prosciutto and classic white cheese.CheesePlateBut the heart of the Dukley Beach Lounge lies in the evening when the sunset sets and candles are lit. The charm is served up with great music, relaxation and a lot of style for the couple in the midst of a romantic tryst. Dine on wooden-decked terrace from your plush white chairs and enjoy the sophisticated service and delicious dishes. Jaw dropping views across the Adriatic are complemented by the sandy private beach below.Dukley Beach Lounge 1Dukley Beach Lounge is not just exclusive to small, intimate meals. Dukley Gardens has opened up Dukley Beach Lounge to everyone, from couples and intimate groups to large gatherings (including weddings) and families. Coming soon in early 2016 will be the Dukley Hotel right above the Dukley Beach Lounge. This boutique hotel is intended to be ultra-modern, with a minimalistic style like the beach lounge. Modern technology will create a unique atmosphere of comfort and luxury, which is a distinctive that Dukley Gardens has created in the Budva Riviera.


  1. I think I need a romantic getaway!

  2. Itana

    The best place in Budva 🙂

    1. Jennifer visited without me last time! Next time we’re going together. Maybe she was dropping me some big hints with this article. B-)

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