Take Your Family on an Adventure by Horseback in Macedonia

The key to a family vacation is simple – family time, healthy food and plenty of outdoor adventure. A slower and more engaged way to experience Republic of Macedonia’s mountain wilderness, clopping along mountain trails by horseback is a must for anyone craving a new frontier in family activities. See Mavrovo National Park’s bloom with wildflowers, rivers flowing with trout and wildlife grazing in meadows. There are plenty of options depending on your comfort level, from riding uphill along the valleys of the Mount Bistra, to taking a guided adrenalin forest experience.MountBistraThe river next to our wild campsite in Mavrovo National ParkhorsebackridingMKMKcheeseNo matter which Horse Riding Tour Macedonia that you choose, after the riding experience, you will be offered lamb, prepared from local people the traditional way in Galičnik. Your family will enjoy a piece of the “slow food” movement (slow cooking) with great dishes, Macedonian cheeses and bread.

Consider staying at a guest house or apartment in Galičnik or Hotel Tutto in Janče to have the full Macedonian village experience. Your family will love the slower pace of life and reconnect with a beautiful backdrop of western Republic of Macedonia. You could also travel to Duf Falls, which is “hop, skip and a jump” away to explore another day.

Instead of taking a family vacation in the city, get off the beaten track and discover the beauty of the mountainside with your family. Don’t be surprised when the kids say this was the best vacation EVER! Don’t be surprised when everyone doesn’t want to leave Macedonia. And, don’t be surprised when you’re all happily exhausted and sore from having the time of your life in the mountains of Macedonia. 🙂

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