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Story: The first morning in Bled was cloudy, slightly cool with a bite of cold in the air. The forecast promised sun. Overall, it was looking to be  a promising day for a family hike. We remained hopeful. With a 2 year old son who is easily distracted and a pregnant wife, we chose Vintgar (Bled Gorge) which is about 15 minutes away from Bled, and has an easy course charted.

Upon arrival, we saw a blockade that didn’t quite extend ALL the way across the path, so we took it as a caution and not a deterrent. To say that we were excited to bypass the blockade would be an understatement. We pressed on and lived to tell our story. The family travels continue. All is well.

The Radovna River has carved out an vintgarenchanted stroll for any level of hiker. The trail goes 1.6 kilometers out to the Sum (Shume) Falls, and offers up some of the best photo ops anyone can imagine. We didn’t quite make it all the way to the falls since part of the trail was being repaired, but I can’t wait to go back.

Vibe: Gorgeous nature. A racing river. An enjoyable place. It was simultaneously energizing and relaxing.

Recommendations: Take a camera and explore. This hike is good for all ages and skill levels. Because it is beautiful, the advanced hiker will still enjoy it. But, this is a perfect fit for family friendly hiking.

Notes: During the winter, the trail shuts down for repairs. Sometimes they are small repairs, but in our case some important cables were missing from bridges.

The trails and bridges are maintained and set for an easy hike. My son loved it! Though the trail is excellent for family hiking, don’t skip this one if you are without kiddos. There is always the possibility to explore around the path and have an increased level of intensity for those wanting a little more challenge.

Place: Vintgar, Bled SI 4260; This address should direct you easily with your Google Maps.



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