Unexpected Family Fun in Patras

Most people think of two things when traveling to Greece – history and beaches. Patras, Greece, sits on the water and holds quite impressive historical sites, but it is the cultural fun activities for all ages that draws families. As the birthplace for Carnival and the combination of entertainment, culture and history, Patras could not be a better source for creative venues.

The Ancient Roman Amphitheater, located next to the impressive Patras Roman Odeum, was built around 160 AD. Marvel at its breathtaking architecture during the day while weaving in and out of chambers. Our family will most look forward to the live performance still held in this ancient, open-aired masterpiece. I can imagine walking into the stadium seating at dusk observing the live concerts and theatrical productions like the spectators from ancient times. Note: these performances are usually offered in July and August, and more details can be found at the Patras International Festival summer program.

Mystery books and games where we’ve often imagine ourselves are brought to life at Patras Clue, as a live personal escape experience. The venue holds 10 game rooms for each team, family or pair to choose where the entry is locked once inside. Together, discover the clues hidden within the room to help solve the mystery, and make an escape within the allotted 60 minutes given. This live game will provide great memories from the older elementary school-aged kids up to adults. Note: Staff is available at all times, so there is no reason to fear for those who are claustrophobic. Visit patrasclue.gr to reserve your room of choice.


With such a large number of students in Patras, it is no surprise that it has such a great nightlife. Harama Therino is probably the best kept secret of Patras. Primarily known by locals, this spectacular venue combines the Greek village atmosphere with musical entertainment by the best musicians in Greece. Upon entering atop the stairs it is a step back into a Greek movie from forty years ago. The seating is arranged around tables as at a grill, which are placed in what feels like a city square directly across from old Greek houses, churches and street shops all draping cascade flowers down the side. Soon the bands, duos, and single musical acts invite all to experience the Greek soul with tunes that will leave all speechless.carnivalAs the largest event in Greece and most of Europe, Patras Carnival has much to offer all ages. It began from an Italian influence 180 years ago, and is completely different from the pagan holiday origins of many. Celebrated every year in February, Patras Carnival has now developed performing arts along with the floats and parades. Community and visitors are invited to disguise themselves in group ensembles to compete in treasure hunt games and theatrical sketch contests. A children’s carnival was developed, which includes floats of fairytales, and opportunities to learn various forms of art like satirical dancing during the Carnival Workshop. Combining participation and observation is perfect for our family.childrenscarnivalWe look forward to this family vacation in the future and invite all to experience Greece in a new and unexpected way with us.



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