Family Fun in Skopje

The children in the tiny Southern European country of Republic of Macedonia are the happiest in the world, according to a report by the Britain-based Children’s Society organization published last year. Skopje, the capital city of Republic of Macedonia, is the perfect inexpensive getaway for your family, where your kids will experience happiness and satisfaction in culture, food and adventure. Here’s a sample itinerary for family fun things to do in Skopje.FamilyFunSkopjeFirst things first, make sure to stay at a hotel that has everything for everybody. Forget about hiring a babysitter and book a family-friendly hotel in Skopje instead. We suggest staying at Hotel Sonce (Hotel Sun) with free Wi-Fi, sweeping mountain views and an outdoor pool; London B&B for its delicious food and spacious rooms; or, Stone Bridge Hotel with its mixture of Ottoman and contemporary decor and includes a Turkish bath.

To see the heart of Skopje, walk around the Macedonia Square and see the numerous monuments and baroque-style building built for the Skopje 2014 project. They are truly magnificent and educational on how the people of Macedonia want to be known. Did you know that Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, Macedonia? The city opened a memorial house in honor of Nobel Prize Winner Mother Teresa in 2009. The location of the museum is not randomly chosen. It is where the old  “Sacred Heart of Jesus” Catholic Church used to stand, where Mother Teresa was baptized. This house is great for kids to learn about this remarkable woman in the place where she lived as a child. Since she was a child, she sang in the Catholic Church choir and participated in charity organizations that helped the poor.MotherTeresaHouseNow that you have worked up an appetite, walk over the Stone Bridge into the old town of Skopje through the small cobblestone streets lined with jewelry, art craft and antique shops. Eating at Restoran Stara Kuka is the perfect way to end your Macedonian family day. This traditional house, built in 1836, is a rare example of local folk architecture and provides an appealing setting for classic Macedonian dishes like šopska salata and pečeni piperki.SopskaSalataMKPeppersOk, ok…maybe the kids will not eat a salad or grilled peppers, so we HIGHLY recommend stopping by Leskovacka Skara “Kaj Vili,” where your kids will enjoy a burger stuffed with french fried topped with ketchup, mayo and seasoning if they’d like. This was my kids favorite meal from Skopje, and to this day, they ask us when we will go back to visit. 😉Leskovacka Skara

Additional Family Fun
Visit Mount Vodno and the Millennium Cross with your kids. You can get there by riding the cable car. That’s right…a cable car! This is the safe version of a rollercoaster. 😉 At the top, you can view the spectacular city of Skopje. The cross itself is 66 meters high, and there are some shops selling drinks and snacks. There is also a playground with tables. Afterwards, you can walk down like the locals, or take the cable car down. Среќен пат! (Have a good journey!)

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