Family Mountain Getaway to Zlatibor

We all need the opportunity to unplug, disconnect, and getaway in order to reconnect with those by our side, day by day. We need the chance to set aside our phones, computers, and various other devices that keep us looking downward rather than expanding our vision outward.

The town of Zlatibor is a picturesque setting among the green mountains of Serbia. It is perfect for a true retreat to disconnect.  Getting there will take a little time, but Zlatibor is accessible from Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Podgorica. All include beautiful drives through the mountains of Serbia, Bosnia, or Montenegro, respectively.

Before heading out, book a room that will fit your needs. The Hotel Mona is highly recommended for those looking to enjoy the spa and relax. This may seem like a “couples only” kind of getaway, but the hotel houses a huge play area for kids and will even provide the sitter so parents can take full advantage. Perfect for year round escapes. Hotel Olimp is another excellent suggestion especially for summer when the full use of their pools and decks are available. Still, other possibilities remain for more secluded retreats. All are ideal for families.

zlatiboricecreamUpon arrival take time to stroll along the lakeside soaking up the fresh, mountain air and sun. Restaurants and walkways line one side of the lake, while the other side shows off the beauty of surrounding nature with towering pine trees. If you or someone is your company desire, horseback riding is available along the lake.

Apart from resting in the spa and meandering the little town, Zlatibor is an outdoor adventurer’s dream. Plenty of hiking, mountain biking, and off-roading vehicles provide a more active holiday if your family wishes. The winter time also allows for skiing and snowboarding making Zlatibor a perennial favorite for winter holidays.

Restaurants and cafes are easy to come by. Many suggest that Miris Dunja (you will need to ask directions) is THE place to eat in Zlatibor. Home cured meats, fresh vegetables, and homemade cheeses create the feeling of being at grandma’s house. For dessert, a family favorite stop for us was Feniks Slatka Kuća (Phoenix Sweet House). Cakes, homemade ice cream, and coffee along the lakeside ended the day perfectly.

Zlatibor is one example of the perfect family getaway offered.. Be sure to add it to your itinerary while visiting the #NewBalkans!

How do you like to reconnect with loved ones?

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