Fast Food in Novi Sad, Serbia

When traveling, it is not uncommon to find that a particular region has lots in common, with more similarities inside each country and still more unique features inside the cities. The Balkan peninsula has a few common elements besides just location. The nature is gorgeous and rugged. There are a lot of bodies of water and coastlines. Mountains are not far off. The people are characterized as friendly toward travelers. And there are budget travel options to be had including great budget food values.

Serbia is one of those ideal budget countries. Novi Sad is one of the cities that does a great job with budget food options. Boulevard Oslobodjenja may just be the ultimate in budget food row. There are a number of options with varied and local foods available on the cheap. You will find good eats, but not anywhere close to expensive.

All of the places in the area are concerned with getting you food in a hurry. Some even advertise with the slogan fast food. These are places where we are glad to eat. Some quality options in the area include:FastFoodNoviSad
Caribic Pizza
– they specialize in pizza by the slice, but offer full pizza orders, sandwiches, etc. from the menu. The quality and service here are good. And the price is amazing. A large piece of pizza is available for 100 to 120 Serbian dinar or about a euro. This one piece is enough to satisfy a normal appetite.

Kineski Restoran 88 (Chinese Restaurant 88) – though the name doesn’t mention it, they do Chinese food. Well, actually I would liken it to Chinese Serbian food. But the dishes are good and reasonable. A small portion of one main dish and rice to go with it is only 130. Once again, this is ideal for the budget traveler looking for a bite.

Хлеб и Кифле (Bread and Kifle Bakery) – this is a Belgrade-based bakery that’s been around more than 50 years. Surviving for more than 5 decades is probably all that needs to be said. Go here for your coffee and more important for their savory or sweet options. The apricot pastries are great!


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