Five Family Friendly Adventures in Croatia

Take a country with an abundance of sunshine, some mountains, lots of waterfalls, 1,700+ miles of mainland coastline add in 4,000 more kilometers of coastline when accounting for all the islands, and you have a great adventure travel opportunity. This Mediterranean country is a great place to dial in your adventure. Though not inclusive, here are five family friendly adventures in Croatia.

1. Ocean kayaking – There are 5,700 kilometers of total coastline in Croatia. That means 5,700 kilometers of space that exists in a pretty calm spot in the Adriatic Sea for making a solo or two-person ocean kayak voyage. This is a favorite of families with older kids and people that are looking to enjoy the out of doors while participating in a low-impact adventure.

2. Canoeing – Inside the country the rivers invite canoe adventurers to give it a go. The Cetina,Vrljika, Zrmanja and Krupa rivers all offer tranquil adventure for nature lovers that like to be on the water.

Plitvice waterfalls - meanderbug

3. Hiking – Wherever there is beauty and a way to access it by foot, there is a good place for hiking. Croatia boasts lots of those beautiful places worthy of a slow, long visit. Plitvice Lakes National Park is in a class of its own with waterfall themed nature. Many refer to the journey through the park as a walk, but step a little higher and call it a hike. It’s worth it. Another low-impact option is an assortment of trails in the Paklenica National Park. More intense hiking options include Učka Mountain in the northern peninsula of the country and the 50+ km Premužić Trail in Velebit National Park in northern Croatia.

4. Biking – The Croatian coastline is an ideal spot for bicycle touring. Countless old sea side towns break the monotony of sapphire blue waters on the west and changing countryside on the east. Part of the EuroVelo 8 tour, this section of the ride provides some of the most amazing sunsets you will ever see. With an increase in family touring advocates of late, this could be a super bonding experience if you like to travel on two wheels. Other biking options include bike tours through lots of  the main port cities. This will allow for some level of adventure with a lot less commitment.


5. Caving – While there are many caves in Croatia, and surely they are all accessible in some way for the hard core, three are readily accessible for family adventure travel. The caves are located in the northern part of the country. For family friendly caving check out Baredine and Biserujka caves as well as the caves of Barać.

Not all adventure in Croatia is family friendly. For those looking to have a higher level of adrenaline adventure you won’t have to look hard to find something that intrigues you. But to help a little with inspiration, check out Felix Baumgartner’s base jump into the Marmet Cave in Velebit National Park.



  1. Hey.. Nice blog

    and Croatian coastline is an incredible place for touring..

  2. Thanks Emily! We have a team working on making meanderbug something that provides valuable insight and some great ways to have a better experience while you travel the #NewBalkans. More on some travel experience possibilities coming very soon.

    And yes…the Croatian coastline is gorgeous and is calling for bicyclists everywhere to come and explore. Also, we have some SE Europe bicycle maps coming soon. We’re excited about sharing this with the biking world.

  3. Croatia is one of the places that’s on my bucket list. I’ve heard so much about how beautiful the waters are there. Will definitely visit there one day.

    1. Marj – you will love it. If ever there was an “outdoorsy” place that would fit you, it is the Balkans in general and definitely Croatia.

  4. Croatia has been on my bucket list for quite some time now, I’m a pretty avid mountain biker and the riding there looks incredible.

    Don’t know if I’m quite up for base jumping 😉 but I’ll definitely have to give some of these other ideas a try when I finally make it out there!

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