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Like all cities, Belgrade’s past impacts its present. This includes the Ottoman rule and the Austro-Hungarian empire’s efforts. More recently, Belgrade has been affected by socialism and military conflict. A number of her buildings were built for use without much thought about beauty. The outside of others have been neglected. Still others were damaged or destroyed during the fighting.

The past left a lot of grey, square concrete buildings. But some creatives have seen the urban grey surfaces as something more. Perhaps these buildings are actually a number of canvases for urban artists. The reality depends on perspective. Belgrade seems to vote with the free spirits and their respective street art. At least most of the time.

graffiti with style

Different cities have different styles and themes for their street art. Some in the region don’t have much more than monochrome scribbled letters on walls. Belgrade is a hub for developing artists though. Many of the most gifted painters and graphic designers make their way there for training from other parts of Serbia and from neighboring countries.

With a bunch of talented young artists, there is a high caliber of street art. The graffiti is more image-based in this urban center than in other cities in the region. Even the text works are more intricate and are often three-dimensional.

Here is some of the street art that brings beauty to the city. Though the first picture below shows mostly text in this part of the city, there is more going on here than just letters and words. The text has a candied, molecular feel. The artist seems aware of postmodern themes that are at times on display in the area.

The following pieces show contemporary influences. Some of the works have political themes while others are examining objects and symbols.  All of the works add color and meaning to the area. The foundations of grey with splashes of colorful flair add to the mystique of the city. This is one view of Belgrade. Enjoy.

more graffiti

Graffiti in Belgrade. Ice cream.

urban street art

Street art high-up above roofline

Street art

street art

Where all the cool kids get their pic taken in Belgrade

Escher-like graffiti




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  3. Really nice photos! I’m captivated by the graffiti here in Berlin so I’d love to visit Belgrade.

    1. Thanks Kayla. We have really enjoyed all the graffiti in this capital city. Like you, I would like to go and visit another place that is known for their street art. Don’t know how I have missed Berlin so far, but I hope to correct that in the future.

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