Grand Hotel Union: Lasting Tradition

Over a hundred years ago, a new hotel was opened in the city of Ljubljana – Grand Hotel Union. Today, the hotel still stands in the heart of the city at Preseren Square and has grown into a group of hotels that dot the center area. The Grand Hotel Union is the flagship and centerpiece of Union Hotel group and remains a standout in tradition, service and overall experience for travelers to Ljubljana.

History and Location

GrandHotelUnoin-PreserenSquareLocated in the historical center of Ljubljana right off the “Three Bridges,” The Grand Hotel Union makes the city incredibly accessible. Preseren Square sits just down from the hotel providing the perfect gateway to explore the old town area. On the south side of the hotel is Nazorjeva Street containing new, upscale shopping. A bit further down is Trubarjeva Street, a walking street with a host of restaurants, boutique stores, and havens of local culture ready to be enjoyed.ljubljanskigradviewFrom the hotel,  you have an excellent view of Ljubljanski Grad (Ljubljana Castle). The city itself is small and accessible, but with views of the castle are spectacular, and it gives the hotel a royal feel. Given the history, tradition and location, the Grand Hotel Union demonstrates how the past can be preserved while embracing the present.


The tradition of the hotel makes this a fabulous place to reside during a stay in the Slovene capital. Over hundred years old, the hotel has become a mainstay in the lives of the locals. Every morning around 8:00AM, venture over to the original hotel cafe and see the locals gather for their morning coffee. The Grand Hotel Union built a name for itself with the locals and remains an important part of their lives. It was fun watching people come in for a drink while being greeted by name.

The hotel is seeking to maintain their traditions by hosting events for locals, as well as travelers. Events include cultural fairs, as well as weekend story readings. To continue the city’s family-friendly motif, a childcare service is provided to allow parents a little break.



The Grand Hotel Union prides itself with incredible service. The service extends far beyond a neat room, and quick bellhop. The emphasis on service permeates the culture of the staff filling each position at the hotel. With such quality, it is no wonder why royalty and celebrities stay at the Grand Hotel Union when they journey through Ljubljana. Guests included Queen Elizabeth, Angela Merkel, Bill Clinton and others. While the hotel definitely has a royal history and presence, the service of the staff makes this a place comfortable for all. Even those with over-excited three-year-olds, such as myself. 😉

Make sure to take a trip to the top of the hotel for a stop at the Oaxilis Wellness Center. It is complete with an enclosed pool in use year-round, a massage service that can be booked through the front desk and an exercise room. If desired, guests can consult with a wellness expert during their stay. The wellness facility is a nice finish to the impeccable service from the hotel.


In the end, the Grand Hotel Union has much to offer most travelers. For an exceptional experience of Ljubljana with accessibility to the city and the life filling the its streets, the Grand Hotel is at the top of the list. Families will feel comfortable, celebrities can go unnoticed, and everyone gets to claim to have stayed where kings and queens slept. I look forward to going back to Ljubljana and seeing the friends that I made at the Grand Hotel Union. Cheers!






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