How to Help with Refugee Crisis: Thessaloniki, Greece

By now, everyone has heard about the flood of refugees hitting the shores of the Balkan Peninsula, mainly in Greece and working their way North toward the European Union countries. This refugee crisis looks to be long-term and very dire, to be frank. Pictures of men carrying their sons during a downpour in the middle of highway, lifeless bodies washing ashore, and overcrowded borders of those not knowing exactly what to do or where to go next can, all, can leave the public feeling helpless and paralyzed during this refugee crisis. However, this does not need to be the situation.RefugeeCampSignsThere are groups in cities near the border which are helping everyday in camps in affected countries. The feeling of helplessness, especially for travelers does not have to exist, but may necessitate some creativity and/or sacrifice. And we happen to be connected to one NGO who is calling for volunteers among other needs.

Mazi Brosta: Thessaloniki is an NGO that has been helping people learn English in the city of Thessaloniki until the past few weeks. As of late, the local director, Eric, decided to put classes on hold so they can focus on serving and helping the refugees hitting the shores daily in Greece. Each day they travel to the border near Eidomeni to work at a temporary camp that helps process, feed and equip the refugees as they continue their journey further North.RefugeeCampCoffeeMazi Brosta has been doing this for a few weeks now, and have had a few travelers come to help. That’s the point here. If you are making yourself around Greece or Europe and are looking for a place to help as well as serve others then connect with Eric and Mazi Brosta. How? Facebook. Check out their page here. Send a message or post.RefugeeCampSleepSeeing is believing, and right now many NGOs need your help by being there during this refugee crisis. NOW is the time to schedule a trip to Greece by serving others, and do it in a way that is responsible, coordinated and effective. Currently, the camp is without a coordinator, and the NGO’s are taking it upon themselves to organize their efforts.

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