Hilton Imperial: Best Location in Dubrovnik

A trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia is fairly easy to plan: visit and spend time within fortress walls of the Old Town. Completing the walking tour, strolling along the walls or even going up the hill to the cable car (which is a must) can leave the traveler tired and looking for a place relax. The Hilton Imperial allows just that, and does so in spectacular fashion being so close to the Pile Gate of Old Town.

Just outside the historic, famed walls of Old Town Dubrovnik, sits the oldest hotel in the city, the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik. The hotel overlooks the old town providing one of the best views from outside the Old Town. Looking directly south from the hotel gives a view of Dubrovnik Castle. And directly east are the majestic walls and fortress of the Old Town. Sunrises are amazing if you are lucky enough to land a room facing toward the walls or sea.

The legacy of the Hilton Imperial sets it apart from others as well. Built in 1895, the building is the first actual hotel built in Dubrovnik. The Hilton renovated the space in 2005 repurposing the classic space to modernize yet keep it timeless in feel. The storied history and more modern feel have helped the Hilton Imperial win numerous traveler’s awards recently creating a reputation of excellence!


The accommodations are top class at the Hilton Imperial. Rooms are spacious and welcoming. The service is run with precision, and is really unbeatable in this regard. The health and wellness center includes massages and full wellness treatments and packages. You can even book a weekend or multi-day package that will fit your pampering needs as you return from the Old Town or any day long excursion.

While relaxing, order from room service a plate of local cheeses, prsut, and olives while enjoying the evening air. I promise you will not regret it. Rest at the Hilton Imperial after exploring the narrow passages of the town or strolling along the walls overlooking the red tiled roofs that blanket it. Gaze at the sea as the sun sets delivering the perfect setting for reflecting on the day’s activities.

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