Hiša Eksperimentov: House of Experiments

Hiša eksperimentov (House of Experiments) is a great stop for families touring Slovenia. The museum provides something for everyone at all levels. Small children will enjoy the gigantic bubble section. Kinetic learners will love the amount of hands on experiments available to them, such as being able to channel low amounts of electricity through their bodies, or the feel of chicken wire between their hands. For students at a more advanced level, as well as adults, the museum provides an experiment guide that shows not only how to do the experiment, but also how it scientifically works. Thankfully, all experiments are completely safe to perform. So even though a child may be playing with fire or creating lightning, parents can rest assured that none of the experiments are dangerous to their child.Flame and the elementsWhile providing an environment of safety and fun, Hiša eksperimentov provides a lot of interesting facts in the areas of life sciences, physics, and technology. Each experiment is essentially a school lesson in one of these areas. The scientific education this museum gives can assist the student in his or her science class at school. Especially studious or curious students may wish to being a notebook to write everything down in, as there is so much information to learn!Bubbles and physicsOn Sundays between 11AM and 2PM, Hiša eksperimentov offer 50% discount on individual ticket, which is only €3. Best time to visit it is before 5PM on weekends when science shows on different topics are presented. Every year in the first week in June, they organize a festival of science called Sciencetival, which is present on the street all across the center of Ljubljana. Come and do it yourself! My family and I had a great time at the House of Experiments. We hope you do too!

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