Casa del Mare in Montenegro: Boutique Hotel Experience

Boutique Hotel Casa Del Mare in Montenegro offers something unique. Their staff help you experience the local beauty and culture of the surrounding area.

A hotel can be the end goal for a vacationer, a place where one goes to rest and relax. A hotel can also open up the wonders of the local area. This is a place for the traveler to experience the beauty and culture of the country, where they visit. Boutique hotels combined rest with seeing and interacting with the surrounding beauty and culture. Casa Del Mare is a small, growing boutique hotel brand on the Adriatic coastline that accentuates the opportunities.

Casa del Mare in Montenegro is a growing boutique hotel brand

Starting in 2009, Nikola and Milena Milić realized their family vision when they opened a boutique brand (Casa del Mare – Small Hotels Group) that would offer unique experiences with a high level of quality control across their properties. They started with the original Hotel Casa del Mare, now called Casa del Mare – Mediterraneo in Kamenari, Montenegro. Shortly, they opened their Hotel Amfora in Kotor and Hotel Casa del Mare – Capitano in the old part of Kamenari. In the summer of 2015, they are opening a new property in Dobrota.

Due to high levels of customer service and facilities, they enjoy lots of return visitors. Often, these new friends stay at one of their properties and then try another in a future trip to explore more of the coastline area while enjoying the standard of service and amenities they expect.

Each property has an ideal location for select types of travelers. Mediterraneo property sits next to where a ferry boat docks, which is also located on a key coastal road. This makes the whole coastline easily accessible. Day trips by car to the old coastal town Herceg Novi and the newly established super yacht docking marina in Tivat are both only 20 minutes away. The increasingly famous port of call, Kotor, is just 30 minutes down the road. Dubrovnik is 1.5 hours to the north. Budva is accessible by ferry.

On one side of the property, you have sandy beach access while immediately behind the hotel, mountains shoot up to toward the clouds. Just across the Bay of Kotor from Kamenari sits pristine Perast. You can enjoy the beach, the water, the mountains and the historic coastal towns to the north and south.


Casa del Mare is for foodies

While the rooms and service are great, the food is even better. Definitely try the fish soup. It is simple and simply amazing. It is made with fresh sea bass and vonogola shellfish and select fresh vegetables. Also, start your meal with the Caprese salad. It is the goodness of fresh and local-sourced in a bowl. The menu changes daily. Don’t stop after the main course. You must finish the meal properly. Try whatever you like for dessert as long as it is the krempita.

It is the…. Best. Krempita. Ever. Seriously! I have been doing the research.

Best. Krempita. Ever.

Nikola and Milena bring in regional chefs to create fusion dishes to incorporate the goodness of Montenegro and the Mediterranean. Stop by whenever you can to investigate their latest creation in a casual dining atmosphere. Enjoy everything but be sure to save me a krempita.

Weddings and Events on the Coast

Hotel Casa Del Mare was recognized in 2010 as the Best Small Hotel in Coastal Montenegro by the Montenegrin National Travel Organization. This boutique hotel property is ideal for weddings or events. They are ready to work with brides and event planners to make an unforgettable experience on the beach.

Weddings on the Montengrin coast

Make plans to begin your adventure in Montenegro at one of the Casa Del Mare locations. You’ll enjoy your time there because it will open up the surrounding beauty and culture for you.

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