Hotel Podgorica: Recipe for the Romantic

Those moments that play in every woman’s mind: a break form the mundane of life, indulging in delicacies together in candlelight, wrapped into the arms of the one you love. We all remember when we would think to ourselves “there is no other place I would rather be than here.” What is it that draws our memories and hopes in moments like these? Is it the dream of being swept off our feet by one who loves us and wants to sweep us off our feet? Or, it could be the desire to slow down from the busyness of life to enjoy time together without any cares of kids, jobs, and daily struggles. A time to throw ourselves into what seems perfect. The small thoughts of romance.

The lights were dim in the finely decorated dining room with only one candle on each table to light the room. Tables sitting along a wall of window to a terrace which overlooks the serene Morača Rijeka (Moracha River). Now this is a place for sweets and intimate conversation. With a friendly waiting staff which respects privacy, who could ask for a better atmosphere – not to mention the rooms made to serve an intimate weekend.

hotel podgorica room

What’s the key to every romantic evening – the honor and love seen by how your man truly knows you. From the sweet-tooth kind of woman to the one looking for something more light and refreshing, Three Centuries Restaurant provides everything from warm, homemade apple strudel topped with fresh, local berries and ice cream on the side to a fruit tiramisu layered with cookie, ice cream and berries.



Men, whether it’s over a bold, rich coffee or the warm elegance of a fine tea, you are sure to fill her heart. (Ladies, if you want to have fun with your love give the gender menus a look. Since only the men’s menu has prices, it’s the perfect chance to suggest choices and watch his reaction.)


By being accompanied by others, we did not get a chance to make this a “sweep you off your feet” moment, but it will definitely be on my mind for future Valentines, Mother’s Day or Anniversary occasions.

Disclosure: The above was sponsored by Hotel Podgorica, specialists in luxury cuisine perched on the edge of the suspended riverbank above the Morača River Canyon.


  1. Love it! I really need to take my sweetie there for a tryst! <3

    1. You really do! 😉

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