Hotel Residence: Pioneers in Hospitality

When it’s yours, you care more. You try harder. It carries your name, and you want it to succeed.  For 15 years the Mitrović family has fully invested their lives into the Hotel Residence. Vuko Mitrović started a small venture in his home. His goal was to help his Montenegrin community with education and employment. With a passion for teaching adults in the areas of hospitality, management, and culinary arts, the venture Mr. Mitrović started became the Hotel Education Center (HEC) Hotel Residence.

The idea was new at the time, making him and his family  pioneers of adult hospitality education. This paved the way for new career opportunities in tourism for Montenegrins. At present, with collaboration and support from the government, their school provides students with a 3-year diploma. The quality education prepares students to enter the  hospitality industry.
HEC Residence Hotel in Milocer, Montenegro
Most of the family is directly involved in the success of the hotel.  Anita, Vuko’s daughter, manages the hotel along with her husband. Her sister manages the wellness center and teaches courses on health and wellness. As president of the Chef Association of Montenegro, Mr. Mitrović educates his students in culinary arts. In addition, he trains them to participate in worldwide culinary competitions. The family is a strong model of professionalism and hospitality to their students. These young professionals are learning how to best provide their guests with an exceptional stay.

As a result of hard work and commitment, the Mitrović family has been able see their vision of helping their community come to fruition. This year they won the award for the best hospitality training center in Eastern Europe.

The staff in training seek to be gracious hosts and show an eagerness to meet the needs of their guests. When I stayed there with my family there was nothing they would not do for us. They made us feel welcome and at home–like family. And, that is why Hotel Residence is and will continue to be successful.HEC Hotel Residence in Milocer, Montenegro
Hotel Residence is located north of Budva in the small town of Miločer. It is within walking distance of the sandy Pržno Beach. There is an outdoor play area nearby for small children as well. Behind the hotel are amazing mountains with hiking trails. Its location is also convenient for a short drive into Old Town Bar, and even a longer, scenic drive to the Bay of Kotor.
Poolside with ocean view at Residence Hotel in Miločer, Montenegro
Come experience a relaxing stay in the Hotel Residence. You will have breathtaking views of the sea and mountains. You will enjoy delicious food prepared by well trained chefs. You will be comfortable. And you will be treated like family. The Mitrović family would not settle for anything less.



    I have booked two weeks at this what looks to be wonderful hotel August 2019 but for the life of me cannot find there web address to organise airport shuttle from Dubrovnic. Do you have the hotels web address. Thankyou

    1. We emailed you on this…

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