Bike Touring:  Balkans  EuroVelo 8

We are all about travel to the Balkan peninsula including those committed to seeing the sights from the saddle. For the bike touring crowd, we are developing tracks for bicycle touring in the Balkans as well as for the Balkan peninsula portion of the EuroVelo 8. These are beginning to come online now in multiple formats including .gpx files for download to your GPS.

Capturing story, pics, key info, and quality maps are each a big project. Combined it is a super big but super worthwhile undertaking. This is important stuff we believe. We hear and see the need. We want to see more people cycling the Balkan peninsula and experiencing the #NewBalkans. It’s a great adventure! We hope to meet you along the way.

EuroVelo 8 - unboxing the bike



Portions of bicycle touring content are coming together quickly. While we continue developing, we would also ask you to contribute. We all travel better because of shared community. So share your story with us. Give feedback on what you see. Share this info with others. Add to the content. Send a word of encouragement. Bring us a new idea.

As you travel through these exciting places, you may find other content on this site helpful for you to know the highlights, gain cultural insights, and find unique opportunities to dive into local experiences. We hope to help make this a bicycle touring experience unlike any other for your good and the good of the locals.

Thanks for your help. We hope you enjoy this part of the world as much as we do. Happy touring!

Wilderness camping north of Split, Croatia during bicycle tour


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