solitude off the beaten path – kafe galerija

Story: Kafe Galerija is hard to find, even for the locals. This gives it an extra helping of charm. Located and preserved in an old part of Zemun just outside of Belgrade, the surrounding cobblestone streets make it feel as if you are walking between two eras. The restaurant, which started out as a family run cafe, has great drinks. Yes to the espresso! Over time, it has evolved into a family restaurant which gives it a welcoming and relaxing feel. It’s a picturesque end to a beautiful stroll along the river.

Vibe:  In a word, the atmosphere at the cafe is peaceful. There is an outdoor section that is covered which provides the perfect shade while overlooking the river. The owner is relaxed, speaks English, and is proud of his little place. The decor inside is a bit darker, but feels like you’re eating in someone’s home. Even the basement has a cozy feel.

Recommendations: Everything is the homemade, real deal here. They provide the standard Serbian fare along with pizza and pasta. However, I recommend trying the Tasci. It’s a local pasta from the area of Vojvodina. It comes filled with spinach and cheese, meat, or even fruit. The pizzas are also nice. The menu offers sufficient variety to keep you coming back.

Notes: Kafe Galerija is great for an afternoon drink or meal. The location is picturesque and not frequented by tourists too often. The night my family went, we were lucky to get a table because they had a wedding booked later in the evening. The owner was very kind and welcoming which only made me want to return.

Place: Cunarska 1, Zemun | +381112612096

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