Lake Bled: Slovenia’s Crystal Jewel

One of the greatest reasons to travel to Bled, Slovenia is Lake Bled. The lake helps create some of the best scenes you can experience in life. A medieval castle on top of a cliff, a Baroque church and the Julian Alps combine for some amazing scenery that reflects in the water and is sure to reflect in your thoughts for years to come.beld island, church, bled lakeLake Bled is a mix of crystal blues and greens, measuring just 2km by 1.4km. The lake is lovely to behold from almost any vantage point and makes a beautiful backdrop for the 6km walk along the shore. You can rent boats, go diving or simply snap countless photos.pletna boat, bled lakeThere are various ways to take a trip across the lake or to the island. One of them includes a trip with the traditional boat made by locals which is only known at Bled – the Pletna boat. The origins of the Pletna boat go back to 1590, whilst it size allows safe transportation of 20 persons. You should be able to recognize it from afar as it is equipped with a colorful awning which protect passengers from the sun and other elements.

The Pletna boat is operated by the Pletna oarsman. This profession is very respected as it cannot be performed just by anyone. The title of the Pletna oarsman was handed down from generation to generation, which is why the profession of Pletnarstvo remained in individual families throughout the centuries.
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  1. Judy Charlotte

    Wow. Bled, Slovenia looks awesome. I want to go there.

    1. Come! It is truly the gem of Slovenia!

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