Lake Ohrid: Tranquil Beauty

Extending well into both Macedonia and Albania, Lake Ohrid is beyond beautiful. It’s clear water and impressive mountainous backdrops have landed this region on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

You can take in Lake Ohrid’s beauty from a number of cities in both countries or you can find a more remote place to soak in the changing scenery. Some popular get-away spots to enjoy the lake include the city of Ohrid and Struga in Macedonia. Albanian cities to retreat to include Pogradec and Udënisht. Also, there are planned and wild camping opportunities all around the lake shore offering spots for family camping or 5-star settings for the adventurous budget traveler.

Catch a sunset from the Macedonian side or a sunrise from the Albanian vantage point. It’s all good. Most importantly, the lake is an ideal place to connect with nature. And even to reconnect with yourself.

Lake Ohrid - meanderbug
photo by Truman Yu

The water canvas of Lake Ohrid makes beautiful, dynamic art year-round.

Fishing boat on Lake Ohrid - meanderbug
photo by Truman Yu

A fishing boat out catching what is likely to be dinner that night in one of the local eateries.

Lake Ohrid reeds and mountains - meanderbug
photo by Truman Yu

Reeds, water, mountains, clouds. It’s all here. Amazing creation.

Retriever at work in Lake Ohrid - meanderbug
photo by Truman Yu

A retriever in the water looking for the prey his master sent her to fetch.

Couchsurfer and photographer at Lake Ohrid - meanderbug
photo of and by Truman Yu


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