Ljubljana Puppet Theatre: Stories Come to Life

Story: Ljubljana has a reputation as an extremely kid-friendly and family-friendly destination. After spending only a short time here, I would agree. As I was searching for something for my 2 year old, I ran across the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. The theatre dates back to 1948, while the tradition of puppet-making goes back further in Ljubljana. It just felt like a worthy investment.

To say that I adjusted the dates of our trip a bit to coincide with showtimes would be an understatement. The more I read about the theater and the tradition of puppets in Slovenia and Ljubljana, the more I wanted my son to have that experience. The experience combined with his constantly growing imagination would be a wonderful thing to watch.

The story taking place told of the neighboring Tivoli Park, and a young girl’s adventure through the park into a world of hats. The girl was practically an outcast from her family, and sought escape. Even in her escape, she displayed love toward those who were the harshest by finding them something unique and lovely. In reading more about the play, I found the story is from a contemporary children’s book written by a local author in Ljubljana.ljubljana theatre

As for my son’s enjoyment, he didn’t understand everything, but he continues to talk about the “puppet show.” You can be the judge if it was worth it or not.

Vibe: Depending on the show, the vibe changes. They keep everything relaxed for the younger children. And those geared more for the teenage and adult crowd take on a more professional feel. If I lived in the city, I would view it as theater training for my kids.

Recommendations: Buy tickets in advance because they go quickly. Also, ask if the story being told is in book form. If so, buy a copy, or buy a puppet as a souvenir. Books in Slovenia are expensive and not many are bought. Support the theater and its local bookstore. Take pleasure in telling the story.

Notes: The theater puts on puppet performances as well as plays for an older audience. The shows usually take place in the context of the city of Ljubljana, Slovenian culture, or Yugoslav history. Check the calendar to see what’s available.

Location: 2 Krekov Trg Ljubljana. The theatre box-office is located across the street from the ticket booth for the funicular to the Ljubljana Castle.

ljubljana children's puppet theatre

*All photos are a courtesy of the theater. Please do not reuse them without permission. Enjoy the show!



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