Lovers Promenade Along The Liston

The Liston is a long building running alongside the Esplanade. With its beautiful vaulted galleries, archways and hanging lanterns, the Liston was constructed in 1807 during French rule, and it was designed by the French Engineer Lesseps, to be a copy in miniature of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris.ListonStreetThe Liston is now home to a range of coffee shops and restaurants, where lovers converge for date and watch the world go buy. When first constructed only the aristocrats on a special list, the Libro D’ Oro, were allowed to enter and walk along the street and under the arches to ensure this area was kept elite. It is thought that the name Liston is derived from the Venetian word lista which had two meanings, the first was “a wide and straight road for a walk” and the second “a wooden bench on which catalogues were inscribed” indicating the list of names; therefore, it is believed the name Liston was a combination of both meanings.ListonFortunately, The Liston has some of the best cafes and coffeehouses on the island of Corfu. Here are two that my love and I enjoyed between our promenading on The Liston. First, Cafe Kohlias was highly recommended to us by our hotel. Cappuccino Freddo is the cold version of a cappuccino, where the drink usually has a small amount of cold frothed milk atop it. In Greece, people drink the freddo cappuccino all year round. The froth milk is added either at the top of the coffee or at the bottom. Cafe Kohlias hit the spot for cooling off while people watching.CafeKohliasWhile walking to Cafe Kohlias, my eye caught a sign that said, “artisan coffee roaster.” Now that my curiosity was piqued, we decided to walk into Josephine Cafe after we finished window shopping through Old Town. Josephine has an energetic, buzzing environment that is well suited to the local scene. Marios, the resident barista, educates you on their variety of beans from Taresso Coffee roasters based out of Corinth. I highly recommend their El Salvador while my love was pleasantly surprised by their tasty decaf – yes, decaf which is saying a lot on how great every cup is at Josephine. We even came home with a bag of their Premium House Espresso beans for nostalgia.JosephineCafe

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