Lycabettus Hill: Athens’ Highest Point

Ascending above all the history, architecture, and culture of Athens stands Lycabettus Hill. At just over 900 feet (277 meters) above sea level, Lycabettus overlooks the rest of the city in every direction.
Acropolis at night - lycabettus - Athens - meanderbug
As with most locations and sites in the city of mythology, Lycabettus Hill has its own story of how it was formed. The popular version tells us that the goddess Athena was carrying a mountain while helping to make the Acropolis. While doing so she dropped the mountain in a fit of rage. The mountain dropped is the present day Mt. Lycabettus. Who knows if this account is actually true… but visiting and ascending it should be on the agenda while traveling through Athens. I hear the sunsets are amazing, however, we were a bit late. Next time.

Lycabettus Hill is a fairly steep climb. Even getting to the bottom of the funicular requires climbing a lot of stairs. But if my 7-month pregnant wife can do it, then anyone should be able to accomplish such a feat. When reaching the foot of the mount one can choose the funicular up or to climb it. The funicular take about 10 minutes and runs every 30 minutes. Climbing depends on you. Take some water and give yourself some time though.
athensatnight - Lycabettus hill - Athens - meanderbugOnce at the top, take in some spectacular views of Athens an the historical sites that you may have seen earlier. The view shows just how vast Athens is, and offers a different perspective of the city. At the top, there’s a chapel from the 19th century, and an amphitheater which continues to host international superstars. Unfortunately, these pics have been lost. Guess, I’ll have to go again.

The top of Lycabettus also has a restaurant. While most locations such as this have outrageously priced food, we scored gyros for 2-3 Euros. Tasty food. Excellent view! Definitely a stop for photos and seeing a different side of Athens.

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