8 Adrenaline Adventures in Republic of Macedonia

In so many ways the Republic of Macedonia is a calm, pastoral landscape with a rich cultural heritage worthy of exploration. This beauty and culture are accentuated by the adrenaline-inducing opportunities across the landscape. These adrenaline adventures in the Republic of Macedonia are bucket-list worthy, but you may want to check these out long before it is bucket kicking time.

photo by Brian Davis

Hike Mt. Baba – In the southern part of the country, Mt. Baba has lots to offer with 20 peaks, glacial lakes, a World War I place of interest, and the river of rocks. This geological intrigue provides more than 5 kilometers of scramble-worthy terrain over massive boulders. You need to start this adventure early in the day for moderate level hikers for a full day of exertion and adventure. You don’t want to finish this hike in the dark. Part of Mt. Baba lies within the Pelister National Park which provides food and lodging possibilities close by.

Caving in Slatinski Izvor Cave – The Republic of Macedonia has a a lot of caves. Currently there are 346 on the official registry. Many of these are poorly explored and provide adrenaline exploration opportunities for those that are experienced and equipped. One of the less explored yet reputed to have some of the best features and  views is the Slatinski Izvor Cave. It currently is on the tentative list for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This adrenaline inducing adventure is not for the novice or intermediate spelunker, but the serious, trained caver community.

Mountain biking around Lake Ohrid – With Lake Ohrid’s massive expanse and glasslike transparency as a focal point, the trails around it are almost a bonus. Due to a number of bike enthusiasts in the area, there is a growing number of trails with varying levels of intensity. Some Balkan teams come to this area to do training because of the quality of the riding. In addition to Lake Ohrid, there are challenging trails in Pelister National Park close by but these are not in a great state of repair at present.

Mountain biking Ohrid - meanderbug

Offroad in the Ohrid region – There is so much to see and do in this region that one way to increase the rate of seeing the highlights with a boost of adventure along the way is to go by Jeep to see the ancient monasteries, glacial lakes, village life, volcanic activity, and more. This is both an on and off-road adventure possibility that is worth checking out.

Krali Marko Trail Run – This 65 km ultra trail run with a 3100 meter total height difference takes place annually near the southern city of Prilep. The September event includes three run lengths including a 16 km, 31 km, and the 65 km distance. In addition there is a 3.5 km run for the kiddos. The 65 km trail hits its highest point on Kozjak peak at 1747 meters. The vista from this point is…well it’s pretty special. In this area there is also hang gliding for those that need to get off the ground.

At the peak of the Krali Marko Trail Run in Prilep, Macedonia

Kayaking in Matka Canyon – Matka Canyon is just a short drive from the capital city, Skopje. In addition to quality hiking options, this is the best spot in the country for whitewater kayaking.

Mavrovo National Park – The largest national park in the Republic of Macedonia, Mavrovo lies on the western border next to Albania and Kosovo. The park has the highest peak in the country, Mount Korab which stands at 2,764 meters. There are winter ski options as well as hiking and biking opportunities that are worth checking out. Wild camping is possible inside the park territory.

Mavrovo Lake
If you have input on your experience or hoped for experience at any of these sites share your thoughts with the community. Also, share other great adrenaline adventures that are worth checking out in the Republic of Macedonia. Happy adventures!

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