MEanderbug Team: How Do We Spend #MEDay?

Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritization between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development). You can find balance between your life and career if you do not forget “ME.” So, today, based out of Montenegro, has declared March 16th to be “International ME Day,” or #MEDay! Here’s how the MEanderbug team takes some time out of their schedule for #MEDay.

“This concept of #MEDay is a weakness for me, trying not to be a workaholic. Movies, camping, a book, games, time with friends and a good meal are ways that I enjoy ME time. I also love adventure, that is not death defying.” Founder Brit

“Setting aside ME time happens in a variety of ways but some more common than others. I’m a fan of urban escape. Whether with a friend, my spouse or even a restless 4 year-old, walking around the city camera-ready, watching people and observing life as it happens tends to draw ME in and recharge ME. Cities represent life, energy and connectedness. They are centers for culture to take shape and evolve. Expression unveils itself. Through a release of energy, self expression and community, I find renewal. The epitome of which can be found in my favorite local coffee shop. Cheers!” Co-founder and Community Hipster Matt
Ljubljanabelgrade nightpodgorica “There is nothing like curling up with in a warm blanket with a dark roast next to you and a good book in your hand. When I am not reading, I enjoy ME time with others by volunteering my time helping out the community with my family. It is hard for me to always remember ME when working from home, doing homework with the kids and being in my community, but I try to yearly to getaway with my girlfriends or escape to a spa for some R&R.” Editor JenniferMEDayCommunity“Get up early before anyone else. Grab a cup of good coffee and have some alone time with my Bible and Jesus. I need this for ME.” Chief Geek JeffMeDayMorning“My most enjoyed ME time consists of listening to motivating music while reading a part in the Bible and reflect as I take joy of all around me on nature walks. My special occasion ME time includes a relaxing massage.” Writer NicoleMEDayNature

Now, we have some questions for you! What do you do to take care of you? Do you have a daily routine or save it up and do something big? How do you define work and life balance? Have you found balance in your life?
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