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Today Novi Sad is the second most populous city in Serbia. Throughout the city’s history, she has been influenced by and exerted influence on the Balkan region as well as the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A gorgeous city, unique in the Balkans, she continues to share her influence in culture, food, and life. These influences are evident when seeing Novi Sad in pictures.

The Novi Sad Synagogue - meanderbug

The capital of the autonomous Vojvodina Region within Serbia, Novi Sad is a place with more minority ethnic groups than the rest of the country. This adds to the diversity and feel of the city. The Novi Sad Synagogue is one reflection of this multi-ethnic mosaic.

Outdoor cafes in Novi Sad - meanderbug

The wide walking streets and sidewalks allow for numerous outdoor cafes and pubs with outdoor tables. The design of the city calls for and even assumes a slower, more relational way of life compared with other major cities in Serbia like Belgrade.

The food scene in Novi Sad has a range of price points and flavors. It shows international diversity and fusion of flavors from the countries that have been key to its past.

Novi Sad City Hall - meanderbug

Architecture varies greatly throughout the city with much of it showing more than just a little western European flair. The Novi Sad City Hall is one of the buildings featured on the main square. Fitting with the city’s story, it is called Freedom Square.

The Cathedral in Novi Sad - meanderbug

Also on Freedom Square is the Holy Name of Mary, a Catholic church cathedral. Most in Novi Sad refer to this as simply The Cathedral. It is beautiful inside and out.

St. George's Cathedral - meanderbug

The city has a number of architecturally interesting churches in the Old Town area. One of the more interesting is the Orthodox equivalent of The Cathedral. St. George’s Cathedral is almost 300 years old. Both the Orthodox and Catholic Cathedrals still have services and worshippers today.

Miletic in Novi Sad - meanderbug

A statue of Svetozar Militic was erected in the center of Freedom Square. He was a writer that was influential as an advocate for freedom throughout tensions in the mid-1800s. Militic was a contemporary and worked with Njegos, the national hero of present day Montenegro. The work and spirit of Militic continue to influence the youthful feel of the city and its fairly recent role in putting an end to ethnic tensions with a desired future of peace and hope.

Biking friendly Novi Sad - meanderbug

One expression of a better present and future is the prevalence of bikes, bike routes, and stands throughout the city. Novi Sad is one of the more bike-friendly cities in the Balkans.

Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad - meanderbug

The Serbian National Theater is one of the places where the city continues to have a cultural voice today. At this point the city competes as well as cooperates with Belgrade to influence culture moving forward while also framing the past.

Varadin Bridge in Novi Sad - meanderbug

The Varadin Bridge which spans the Danube River lights up beautifully at night. It connects Novi Sad to the Petrovaradin Fortress.

Petrovaradin Fortress on the Danube - meanderbug

The Petrovaradin Fortress sits on the opposite side of the Danube River from Novi Sad. Besides being a historic and cultural center for the area throughout the year, it also hosts the annual Exit Festival.

Awaiting the next act @ Exit - meanderbug

The Exit Festival is a modern continuation of the spirit of Miletic. Arising as a part of seeking to end the Balkan fighting in the 90’s, it continues to be a gathering of young people looking to have fun and even make a difference. Exit has been voted the Best Major Music Festival in Europe.

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