ideal convergence – papingo, greece

In the northwestern part of Greece, is a little, hidden place in the Pindus mountains. Papingo has the old town feel and traditions, amazing views of nature with the spiraling stone cliffs of the Vikos Gorge, quaint shops, amazing local-source foods, and the unsurpassed Greek hospitality ethos. The switch back roads leading to Papingo take you past ethereal blue waters and up into a place that is legend among the Greeks for its pristine air and water.

Vibe: This area is a traveler’s paradise both because of what it is and what it is not. The area has the best of outdoor adventure, beauty, food, and old-town feel. Also, it is an ideal spot for soul refreshment because of the lack of infrastructure for commercialization.

Recommendations: Eat. The locals make the best Greek yoghurt I have ever tasted. (I ate mine at the Papaevangelou Guesthouse…please tell George I said “hi.”) As for the other stuff, if it’s not grown or raised local, you’re not going to find it served there. In the food realm, be sure to enjoy the local beverage–especially the water. It is reputed to be some of the purest water in all of Europe.

Explore the Vikos Gorge. This can be done while sitting on a veranda, or through a more active mode of adventure.

Check out the numerous stone bridges that connect the small towns as well as the unique water formations.

Visit the surrounding towns.

Notes: For food, ask the locals where to eat. Also, if you are in a group of any size, you need to make reservations because the restaurants are small and prep for a limited number of people daily. That is, if they know you are coming.

You can plan to go and see the town, but I recommend you plan to just go and be. Papingo’s unique charm is that it doesn’t get in the way of making it possible for you to get away.

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