CT Trial Mountain Adventure




Features and costs of CT Trial Mountain Adventure

  1. Lodging (2 nights) – 70
    (planning for 1 night at Goles and 1 night at Rakovic Katun)
  2. Food (5 meals) – 110
    (planning 3 at Goles and 2 at Rakovic)
  3. Hiking guide – 120
  4. Jeep transfers – 0
    (Meanderbug is covering the cost for this trial)
NOT INCLUDED: Taxi transfers from Budva to Kolasin and back from Kolasin to Budva are not included. We have estimates from some of our partners that could be up to 140 total. This is to be paid by a CT representative in cash to the driver of each leg of the trip. Meanderbug will arrange and inform a CT representative in advance of the time, place, and exact cost. Each leg should not cost more than 70 euros. (Additional tip is acceptable to the driver if good service is provided. The tip should not exceed 5%.)


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