Klemmensen MTB Hut-to-Hut Adventure – Montenegro

20-day Adventure with a built-in 2-week MTB hut-to-hut tour


20-day Adventure with a built-in 2-week MTB hut-to-hut tour

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20 Day Montenegro adventure spanning the coast to the mountains in the north. The experience includes lodging and food (as outlined in separate spreadsheet).

This adventure concludes with a 14-day MTB hut-to-hut tour. During this 2-week biking adventure, adventurers will experience the real Montenegro while visiting 9 family farms including both village and katun settings. Also, the ride will traverse Biogradska Gora and Prokletije National Parks, as well as over other mountains including Mt. Komovi. The adventure will conclude in a land forgotten by time known as The Katun Road.

DateFarm stay – hutNo. of guestsLodging Cost (total stay)Food Cost (total stay)
May 10Old Mill Farm Stay on Lustica25016
May 11Old Mill Farm Stay on Lustica250
May 12Old Mill Farm Stay on Lustica25016
May 13Bridje Village House2400
May 14Eco Estate Under Bjelasica23026
May 15Rakovic Katun22028
May 16Rakovic Katun22028
May 17Rakovic Katun22028
May 18Three Springs Cottage25028
May 19Old House24024
May 20Old House24024
May 21Maja Karanfill23619
May 22Bungalows in Prokletije National Park22018
May 23Bungalows in Prokletije National Park22018
May 24Cakor Katun22027
May 25Mokri Do Eco Katun22027
May 26Oka i Po Country House283
May 27Eco Estate Under Bjelasica23026
May 28Agape House & Community Garden235n/a
May 29n/a
June 2Agape House & Community Garden35n/a
1062 euros


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