Tara Canyon Rafting Experience Near Djurdjevic Most

Rafting down the Tara River near the Djurdjevic Tara Bridge

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Rafting down the Tara River near the Djurdjevic Tara Bridge



The deepest canyon in Europe, the Tara Canyon is worth exploring, but it is a little hard to access through normal means. Steep mountain faces that go down to the water make the hiking or driving up close difficult in many places around the Djurdjevic Most bridge. One of the best ways to see the canyon up close is to float along with the rapid moving Tara River. This Tara Canyon Rafting Experience helps you take in the awe-inspiring nature of the canyon while also giving you a shot of adrenaline.

In the May to June months, the river has good flow due to snowmelt along with the year-round springs that feed it. These are the better whitewater months for adventurers. But even in the calmer rafting months of July and August this rafting experience provides the best way to see the depths of the canyon. The towering mountain walls may make the rafter realize the grandeur of nature all around.

This Tara Canyon rafting experience goes under the famous Djurdjevica Most bridge. This landmark allows adventurers to take in one specific famous place from below and up above. It also provides a great photo opportunity for those taking pics from above if you have a really, really good zoom lens as the water is 172 meters below. Also, this rafting adventure starts just above the bridge area.

After rafting, enjoy a hot national meal that includes a salad, meat, a beverage, and fresh bread. We like it all, but the bread almost burned us right out of the oven. LOVED IT! We recommend the local čevapi.

FEATURES OF the TAra Canyon rafting Experience Near the Bridge

  • 14 km of rafting down the deepest part of the Tara Canyon – 40 euros per person includes all park fees and taxes for the day
  • Transfers to the start and from the finish of the rafting excursion are included
  • See the Ljutica River, the shortest river in Europe
  • Each raft has a trained, licensed guide who navigates the raft and trains and coaches all participants
  • All necessary gear is provided including sterilized neoprene wetsuits and boots, a safety helmet and life vest
  • Transport to launch point and return to base camp
  • National meal available at the end of the rafting adventure – 5 euros per person
  • Swimming and photography in the cold, cold Tara River are likely to happen
  • The rafting experience usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours


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